The Right Window Box Planter for You

There are a lot of small things you can do to beautify your home for less money than you think. Some homeowners create gardens, plant trees or they install window box planters. Potting, watering and lining are all part of the window box experience and a good strategy will ensure that your flowers and plants thrive inside the box.

Window boxes are installed under a window and supported by a set of brackets to keep them in place. The good news is you can plant almost anything inside a widow box as long as you use the correct planter box liners to protect the wood. It’s a good idea to place the liner inside the box before you insert any soil.

The liner will protect the box from contact with the dirt and all the insects and microorganisms that live inside the soil. Using a liner will prolong the life of your box and allow the water to remain inside the planter for longer periods of time. If you have a PVC or concrete planter, you don’t have to use a liner as those materials are impervious to the elements inside the soil.
Gardening with window box planters is very enjoyable. You can easily experiment with different color flowers to compliment the color of your home or your yard. You are limited only by your imagination as to which color combinations to use and which types of followers to plant inside the box. Try to plant flowers that require very little maintenance if you work during the week and can tend to the followers only on the weekends.

Another important consideration is the environment. The rain and sun are perfect for plants and flowers and they’ll thrive if exposed to the sun during the day. But the wooden box won’t perform very well with a lot of sun and rain beating on it continuously. You should brush on wood protectant and add a couple coats of paint to your window box so that it’s protected from the elements.
A nice coat of paint can also add an extra touch of beauty to your planters. You can choose a color which will compliment your home or one that will contrast the existing colors of the outside walls. Neutral colors may work just as well and can be used to contrast the colors of the flowers or plants inside the box. You may have to touch-up your planters every couple years so you want to make sure you save some paint, or at the very least, remember the color you picked.

Planters can also be used to decorate your house. For example, you can paint your window box orange for Halloween and a different color for Christmas and Easter. You can also add lights to your planters so they stick out more and add a different touch to your home’s exterior. In fact, a lot of homeowners add Christmas lights to their planters every year, and depending on where you live, you can also add a snowman underneath the planter.

The idea of adding window planter boxes outside your home is a very good idea and it’s a fun and creative way to spend your extra time. Their beauty can be seen as soon as people approach your home and those driving by will take a second look at your home. Planters will help your home stand out from the other houses on your street, and if you do it right, you can add value to your home.
The biggest benefit you’ll realize by using planter boxes is the fragrance that will enter your home every time you open the windows. You can choose flowers that give off a great aroma and keep your windows open throughout the day so the smell fills your home with a great aroma. Roses give off a great smell and they don’t require a lot of work. Make sure to do a little research into which flowers and plants give off the best smell.

After you have your window box planters in place, don’t forget to water them often. Exterior window boxes can need a lot of water to keep the plants and flowers healthy, especially if they are situated in direct sunlight. Some flowers and plants may require watering twice a day in the middle of summer so choose your plants and flowers carefully or you may end up working harder than you initially intended to.

Used Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen renovation or remodel is a great way to add value to your home. It is also one of the more expensive ways though. Most people considering a remodel are surprised to find that new, custom cupboards and cabinets will cost more than a complete set of new appliances, depending on the style they choose. The best way to reduce this cost and renovate your kitchen from ceiling to floor is to find a set of used kitchen cabinets that fit your decorating and budget requirements.


Yes, used cabinets can appear to be in very bad shape and condition. The truth though is that it’s usually the paint or stain covering them that’s showing its age and needs to be stripped away. In fact, your current cabinets and cupboards may be the items to look to first. Remove the paint or stain on your current cabinets to see what you have to work with. If you still like the style and the cabinet hardware, then simply repaint to match the rest of your renovation.

However, if you can’t stand the cabinets you have and want some custom cupboards at a reasonable price, then here is where you get started. The best places and people to look for are as follows:

– Area retailers and home and garden stores. Every year, these businesses have to remove their display models and replace them with the latest styles and designs. Instead of throwing them away, the manager will offer steep discounts to get rid of them at a smaller profit or at least in order to avoid a disposal fee. Their loss is your gain if you work with the store manager at a reasonable price. Remember, you are doing each other a favor, so don’t expect to just walk away with them for pocket change.


– Local contractors. Other people are renovating their kitchens as well and most hire someone to remove their old appliances and cabinets. Many local contractors will hang on to the used kitchen cabinets they remove to either use on future jobs or to sell to people like you. It is very simple to look them up online and email or call to ask about what they may have on-hand. Make sure to ask to see them before you agree on a price.

– Flea Markets and Salvage Yards. If old cupboards and cabinets do bypass a contractor, they will still end up for sale someplace. Agencies that are paid to haul away trash and other discarded items are very careful to pick out items still worth the time to clean up and put on display. Salvage yards have some great bargains on used cabinets and are open year round. Fleas markets will generally have a nicer selection, but their days and hours are more restricted. Neither place normally offers loading or delivery, so be prepared to have a van or truck ready to go.

– Classified and Online Ads. These are great sources for finding just about every type of kitchen cabinet and cupboard. Classified ads can give you locations of garage sales and other sources such as estate liquidations. Online ads are normally from an individual, but are sometimes better since they usually have pictures of the item for sale. With each type, remember to pay attention if the item for sale is local or not. You’ll want to see the item before you make an offer and you certainly won’t want to pay shipping on what could be a couple hundred pounds of wood and hardware; any savings you’ll see from buying used will quickly disappear that way.

Once you find the cabinets you like, you may find that the accompanying hardware doesn’t fit with your retro-style oven or your modern refrigerator. This is a much easier problem to take of. Cabinet hardware, new and used, can be found at every source referenced previously in this article. What makes it easier to find as a used item is the size and portability.

Do-It-Yourself renovators are not as careful in removing old cabinets during a remodel as professional contractors. They are easily smashed or cracked and if a frame doesn’t pull easily away, it gets hammered off and the wood is left dented to uselessness. What do survive are the handles, hinges and trim pieces. Even a novice will save these on the off-chance they might be useful later. He will just drop them in a drawer or put them in a box where it sits for months, even years. A complete set of kitchen hardware can be purchased at a garage sale for as little as $10.

Kitchen renovations can be expensive. However, if you perform a careful search and use every source available, you can get the kitchen you want at a much lower price. The chase for that perfect kitchen can be fun if you keep the right attitude and stay patient. Good Hunting!

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet Doors: A Basic Guide

One of the most overused items in today’s modern kitchens are the cabinet doors. Over time, these doors absorb a lot of wear and tear, and refinishing them is a simple update that can improve the appearance of your kitchen and save the cost of a complete replacement. Updating cabinet doors by refinishing can restore a new appearance to used kitchen cabinets, and it can also be done as a quick, do-it-yourself job with a minimum amount of inconvenience if no stripping is involved.



Before you start the job, though, do some planning. Decide what tools and supplies you’re going to need, know the basic steps in advance. Set aside a roomy work space to do the job properly, and allow adequate time for each step. And remember that a poor or rushed refinishing job will only create more work or the need for a full replacement down the line.

The first step in the process is to remove the doors, which can usually be unscrewed at the hinges. You can leave the hinges attached to the cabinet boxes, but make sure to remove all the knobs and pulls, and label and number them if necessary to avoid confusion replacing them when the job is done. Using a power drill or screwdriver can help speed up this part of the job.

The next step is to clean the doors themselves. This can be done using a degreasing cleaner, possibly a household brand, but trisodium phosphate (TSP) is the best and most commonly used cleaner for this part of the job. Scrub the cabinets thoroughly using a scrub sponge, and use a toothbrush to remove whatever grime and dirt has collected in the corners and grooves of the doors.



Use rubber gloves for cleaning, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and allow adequate drying time after rinsing. The doors must be completely clean or the finish won’t adhere properly.

Once the doors are clean and dry, they must be sanded. First, though, fill in any holes or cracks with wood putty, matching the color of the putty to the color of the finish (or getting as close as possible). Once again, allow adequate time for the putty to dry.

The sanding itself can be done using either an electric sander or rough sandpaper for the initial round of sanding. Corners can be sanded using either fine paper or a sanding sponge. The second round should be done with either 150- or 180-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge. Make sure to sand along the grain of the wood.

When the sanding is finished, clean the dust off thoroughly using either a vacuum attachment or a sticky rag specially made for this purpose. All dust must be removed before the cabinets can be refinished.

Applying wood stain is the next step. This can be done using a fine-bristle brush, following the manufacturers recommendations for application. When the stain has been applied, wipe the doors clean with a clean, lint-free rag. Ideally, this should be done in a clean, open space (e.g., a garage), so that it can be done properly with plenty of ventilation for drying.

After the stain has dried for 24 hours, the varnish can be applied. If both sides of the door are being stained, wait approximately 8 hours between doing each side. Again, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations — normally, at least two coats of compatible varnish or polyurethane should be applied, using either a sprayer or a high-quality brush. The cabinets should be sanded between coats to help ensure a smooth, durable finish.

Once the varnishing is finished, the cabinet doors can be reattached. Follow the labeling system you implemented at the start of the job to do this If you didn’t clean the inside of the cabinets when the doors were removed, doing this before reattachment can help maintain the integrity of the job for as long as possible before wear and tear begins again.




Cabinet Hardware

Remodeling a kitchen brings with it complete new feel and look. Deciding on the kind of look you want can be tricky. It can also be daunting deciding which type of cabinet hardware that will match your style. Different styles exist. Some of these are traditional, contemporary, and country. The best style is the one that matches or is in harmony with the house design.



The first type of style is the traditional style. This is a style whose ambiance is characterized by certain features such as gracious, elegant and formal. These cabinets are crafted in rich and gleaming woods. Examples of such woods are mahogany and cherry. The most vital aspect of traditional cabinets is glossy and rich finish. Traditional style is popular because of its graciousness, timelessness and is usually unaffected by design trends.

The other cabinet hardware style is the contemporary style. It also goes by the name modern design. This style is characterized by flat cabinetries that have clear lines. They also have simple hardware. This style boasts of cabinet doors made of metal and glass. There is no doubt that these designs have a huge influence on bathroom and kitchen design. Over the recent past, this style has surely attracted a considerable number of following.

The country style gives you the opportunity to express yourself. It is normally relaxed and informal. These cabinet style cones in handy for active kitchens and busy families. The country style usually does not have sleekness or elegance.

Installing new hardware normally rejuvenates a worn out and tired room. The good attribute about installing new hardware is the fact that it is less costly. This is in comparison to ripping out the entire cabinet for remodeling. Installing is not a hard thing to do as many people may think. Installing cabinet hardware involves a wide variety of activities. Some of these the items to replace include cabinet knobs, hinges, back-plates, drawer pulls etc.

Over time and usage, hardware begins looking old and dull. This surely takes away the elegance and décor making the entire room look lifeless. By making replacements, the room gets a fresh new look. It is essential to replace the glides, locks and the rest of the cabinet hardware. Due to the huge importance of hardware, it is important to make sure that the cabinets are beautiful, functional, and durable. This will go miles in ensuring that the hardware serves their purpose.

Prior to any decoration and remodeling, it is essential to check first the hardware units that require or replacements. You ought to put down outdated, cracked, and crooked cabinet fronts. The same should happen to the corresponding hinges, screws, handles and back plates. Replacing the entire cabinet hardware as compared to the broken ones only ensures that both the theme and style remain consistent.

Installing and removing cabinet hardware must be the top most priority of any person with plans of getting their rooms looking fresh and lively. It is more than easy. This is contrary to what many people hold. All the best in making renovations.

Updating Cabinet Doors

Anytime homeowners want to revamp a portion of the house, it usually starts in the kitchen. The biggest makeover that kitchens go through is updating cabinet doors. Most kitchen cabinets are long old way overdue for a solid facelift. Never jump the gun when updating cabinet doors because if the facelift isn’t done properly it becomes a costly attempt with failures on the horizon.


Homeowners have the luxury of calling the shots and deciding the approach for updating cabinet doors. The cabinet door set the standard of style desired. Updating cabinet doors can be as simple as taking off old hardware, wood knobs and other items mounted to the door. If a subtle change of hardware is the goal for updating kitchen cabinets then it proves to be a simple job.

Others may purchase other materials for updating cabinet doors in the kitchen. This approach can be a more advanced task of removing the hinges and the cabinet door panel to resurface. Resurfacing the wooden material is part of updating cabinet doors. When they have been completely sanded, a stain or primer is used to coat the cabinet door panel. After the primer is set, the next task for updating cabinet doors is to slap on a coat of paint that will complement the style of the kitchen area.


Another method to upgrade cabinet doors is to remove the internal panel. This requires a lot of patience and a lot of time must be set aside to effectively refurbish and upgrade cabinet doors. It’s possible to knock out the center panel by safely and slowly separating the frame from the door. Pop off a top or bottom cabinet frame section and slide the center panel out. Many people have attempted this method for updating cabinet doors. When they removed the center panel they were able to slide stained glass or decorated glass in the cabinet when updating cabinet doors.

Other may not be so lucky with smaller do it yourself projects concerning updating cabinet doors. If the money is available, people can afford to contract out a smaller cabinet business to come into the home and gut the cabinets. They will provide the home owner with all new cabinets with the right accents to complement the home.

Kitchen cabinet designs are based on the flavor desired. Don’t let updating cabinet doors take full control of the kitchen area but enhance the area instead while complemented with other home décor. Vintage looking, off white, and soft cream styles make a great look when updating cabinet doors. These three styles will always demonstrate elegance and also give the cabinets a more of warmth to the kitchen area.

No matter what approach is taken for updating cabinet doors, be sure it is implemented correctly with a strong vision of what the style will be. Updating cabinet doors could be simple as replacing handles, and other hardware, painting the cabinet doors or even tactfully inserting glass panels when updating cabinet doors. Be sure to have a vision and implement a fool proof plan to reach the desired outcome when updating cabinet doors.

Pre-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling is a project that makes your home more functional and comfortable. A remodeled kitchen does not only make your life easier, but also adds home value. This is because kitchen remodeling and renovation improves the appearance of your home hence attracting many investors. The most essential features of a kitchen are kitchen cabinets. They affect the way the entire room looks as well as providing necessary storage for your kitchen requirements. The best thing to do is to choose a well-designed layout of cabinet and quality materials in order to create that dream kitchen which you would like spend time in.


Before settling on the design and style of your cabinetry, you have to consider if you want premade kitchen cabinets or custom design of kitchen cabinets.Premade kitchen cabinets are the best types of kitchen cabinets since you are able to see if the design fits your kitchen or not. You are also able to compare the quality of material or cabinet hardware used and makes a choice the best one. Although both premade and custom cabinetries have their advantages and disadvantages, you have to weigh them and choose the right one for you. In most times those who go for premade kitchen cabinets have budget constraints which make the option attractive.

Since these cabinets are manufactured using manufacturer’s various standard sizes, they tend to be produced massively hence resulting in lower prices. One might be having the budget for custom made cabinets, but he or she may make a choice of buying premade or used kitchen cabinets so that he or she may remain with money for higher grade counter tops or flooring.


premade kitchen

Kitchens with open concept as well as a flexible design space are ideal for premade cabinets. Such rooms usually have 2 or 3 walls, which have an open flow to dining room and this makes it easier to hang cabinets that are not custom designed.

Premade kitchen cabinets of high quality can also be engineered to have the same moisture resistance and strength as custom made cabinets. You have to consider taking personal preferences when purchasing cabinetry. You should consider the shape and size of your kitchen as well as understand the kind of flexibility you get in choosing any type. Custom cabinets are chosen if you do not have enough space and design flexibility. They help in optimizing your space as well as functionality.

If you want an absolutely unique design of your kitchen, then do not choose premade kitchen cabinets since you can’t demand for the highest quality. Custom designed cabinets are the best choice for you because you can demand for highest quality as well as pay extra amount for custom experience. If budget is your key concern, go for premade cabinets because they create room to budget for higher end finishes such as appliances made of stainless steel and granite counter tops Used kitchen cabinets are also an option for someone with tight budget, but whatever type of cabinets you choose ensure your kitchen remodeling project adds value to your home.

Custom Cupboards vs Remodeling Cabinet Doors

One of the most important features in any kitchen is the cabinets. Cabinets and cupboards not only store food and dishware, they also set the style for your entire kitchen. But with all the companies available to create the perfect custom cupboards it can be tough to know which one to choose. Also, it can be difficult to know whether it would be better to simply update the cabinet doors.



Because of the expense of purchasing custom cupboards it is a good idea to really think about the whole style of the kitchen and determine the appropriate direction to go in. Customizing cabinets is an experience in and of itself. Planning includes sketching out the design, analyzing dimensions of your kitchen, and making sure the products are available. All of this can be a daunting and stressful experience. It is also an expensive one. Custom cupboards cost upwards of $3,000 for the most basic kind. But you get what you pay for, and in the end custom cabinets will set any home apart from all the rest.


Updating cabinet doors on the other hand, is a much more detailed laborious way to transform your kitchen. It is also significantly less expensive. If you are willing to get your hands a little dirty then updating your cabinets can be a fun project. But if you want your cabinets to come out perfect you need to research the best products to use. If you plan on simply repainting your cabinets you will need to use primers, and possibly a stripper, to cover up the original stain color. So consider the price of products and your time when you debate updating cabinet doors vs. purchasing custom cupboards.


In general, whether you decide to do it yourself or purchase custom cabinets it will depend on your financial situation, time availability, and ultimately what you yourself want.